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About Lockport

Lockport is a 21st-century city with its roots in the early 1800s. Just stand on “The Big Bridge” in the heart of town and you’ll see why – the Erie Canal! Lockport literally rose from the banks of this engineering marvel, enjoying industrial growth and prosperity. Today, we welcome visitors to explore this historic waterway and other attractions with the same hospitality as in the days of the packet boats and “canawlers.”

Lockport’s business community is diverse and prosperous. There are more than 50 manufacturing firms in Lockport and more than 850 retail and commercial establishments in the Town of Lockport and City of Lockport combined.

Main Street in Lockport is currently being renovated, and historic-type light fixtures, courtyards and building facelifts are planned. Lockport continues to bring in new businesses and restaurants to service our community, while planning carefully to keep the green spaces that we enjoy.

History of Lockport

The history of Lockport is as long and storied as the Erie Canal itself. Take a look at the timeline of events and get a feel for the moments that have made Lockport into the city it is today.

From the Mayor

Please accept this invitation to visit our city and join the thousands of visitors that visit us annually and enjoy our rich history. Those of us who live here consider ourselves stewards of this magnificent section of Niagara County, and we would be honored to share it with you.