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City of Lockport Departments

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Management of day-to-day operations, activities and maintenance within the City of Lockport are handled by a number of different departments. Learn more about the different divisions of the city’s operations and get information about each department’s activities and responsibilities by clicking into the respective department page below.


City Clerk

The city clerk’s office is the official recordkeeper for the city and handles many of the day-to-day operations, including application processing, purchasing, elections and more.



The finance department oversees accounts payable and accounts receivable, and manages Lockport’s municipal payroll for city employees.


City Treasurer

The treasurer manages the funds of the city, including accounting for revenues and debts, monitoring the budget, borrowing and investing funds and collecting tax and public service payments.


Police Department

The Lockport Police Department exists to serve and protect city residents, businesses and our cherished visitors. The police force also responds to emergencies and traffic incidents.


Fire Department

The Lockport Fire Department works to educate residents of the city on fire safety and regulations, and responds to emergency situations and accidents when needed to provide aid.


Building Inspection

This department regulates construction within the city, including permits for repairs, demolitions and contractors.



The engineering department is responsible for designing and planning city projects, including street construction and repair, sewer and water lines, and other public works.


Corporation Counsel

The corporation counsel defends the interests of the citizens of the City of Lockport, and represents the city in a court of law.


Wastewater Treatment

The wastewater treatment department manages all runoff, rain water, snow melt and other wastewater from homes and businesses within the City of Lockport.


Water Treatment

The water treatment department is responsible for water quality within city limits, as well as the issuance of permits for fire hydrant usage.


Water Administration Office

The water administration office is tasked with managing all metered water supplies, including start and stop service requests. 


Highways & Parks

The department of highways & parks is responsible for the maintenance and safety of all city-owned facilities and roadways.


Civil Service

The civil service department handles the posting and management of applications and testing for those seeking employment with the City of Lockport.



The assessment department is responsible for establishing the fair and equitable valuation of properties within the city limits, as well as cataloging all real property located within Lockport.