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City of Lockport Tree Programs

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Do you love Lockport’s tree-lined streets? We have positive news for you. To restore the quality of Lockport’s urban forestry, the Tree Advisory Committee is planning to begin residential replanting of city trees this spring and fall.

Over the course of the past year, the committee has worked to develop a long-term plan for revitalizing our tree population. The residential plantings will be completed in a rotating cycle going forward as part of plan to last decades into the future. The decision of where to plant new trees will be based on how long ago a property lost its trees. In other words, properties that have waited the longest for a new tree will be given priority.

Members of the City Council will be reaching out to their constituents to help determine where trees are most clearly needed and wanted. Tree species will be carefully selected – with the advice of an arborist – to determine which species will be best suited for the specific growing conditions of each replanting location. These new tree plantings will help to line our streets and public spaces once again, with appropriately sized, healthy trees to give us shade and beauty.

Another branch of the Tree Committee’s plan will include a memorial tree donation program this fall that will allow individuals and businesses to be a part of this re-treeing effort. Additionally, property owners looking to plant their own trees on the city right-of-way should contact the committee to find out how. Members of the committee are listed on Lockport’s website at under Committees and Boards.

Lockport’s Tree Advisory Committee will be meeting monthly and will add updates to the website. We look forward to working together as a community to build a healthy urban forest in the City of Lockport and developing a proactive plan of action that can be followed for generations to come.


TreeKeeper Link

View the full list of the city’s tree inventory

Tree Removal

Please contact the City Clerk directly to file a Notice of Complaint if you are looking to have a tree added to the removal schedule. Please note that all trees filed will be assessed by the Highways and Parks Department. The urgency of removal of any tree is based on the official rating determined by the Highways and Parks Department.

Request for Replanting from City

Do you have a location where you would like a tree replanted, please give us the information below.