Greater Lockport Development Corporation (GLDC)


The Greater Lockport Development Corporation is a nonprofit local development corporation charged with furthering economic development in the City of Lockport. Let us help you start or grow your business here in Lockport.

Mission Statement

The Greater Lockport Development Corporation operates city-wide within the City of Lockport and is intended to encourage the development and retention of business and industry, increase job opportunities, and act in the public interest.

GLDC Staff


Brian Smith



Heather Peck

Vice President


GLDC Board of Directors


Joan Aul,

David Wohleben

Allan VanDeMark

Patrick Schrader,

Franklin Knowles

Jackie Davis

Scott Cain,
Vice Chairman

Gary Bennett

Allan Jack

Mayor Michelle Roman

David Schoonhoven

Kathy DiMillo


The GLDC operates several committees that are focused on a variety of business- and industry-related topics. Learn more about each of the GLDC’s committee groups below.

Finance Committee

Joan Aul

Kathy DiMillo

Pat Schrader

Scott Cain

Steven Jerz

Allan Jack

Governance and Engagement Committee

David Wohleben

David Van Schoonhoven

Personnel Committee

Anne McCaffrey

Jackie Davis

Joan Aul

2018 GLDC Work Plan and Budget

In 2018, the GLDC is looking to take on several new efforts while continuing to grow and support the business climate in the City of Lockport. The city is competing for for the state Downtown Revitalization Initiative program, preparing to sell the Tuscarora Club, host networking events and much more.

See what the GLDC is working on and download a copy of the latest budget statement by clicking below.

Looking for the latest updates from the GLDC? Access the latest agendas, meeting minutes and annual audit reports below.