Alderwoman Barnard Resignation Press Release

Yesterday, January 10, 2023, Alderwoman Kristin Barnard tendered her resignation, effective immediately, from the City of Lockport Common Council. Although Alderwoman Barnard served for only about one year, I am proud of the achievements we made together. Despite the aftermath of COVID-19, Alderwoman Barnard supported my proposed budget, with only minor amendments, that included a minimal tax increase to continue providing the city with vital services.

Alderwoman Barnard advised my office that she was resigning due to personal reasons. I am requesting that the media and community respect her privacy at this time.

As the City is unfortunately losing two Alderwomen in one week, it is my obligation as Mayor to continue to ensure that our government functions and works for the people of our City. I will be conducting interviews for both of these positions. I promise to work with any person that will put our people before politics. It is imperative that we appoint two Aldermen as soon as possible so that the operation of the City government is not interrupted. I will conduct interviews of any interested candidate that values the progress of our City more than their political affiliation.