Alderwomen Selected For Vacant Seats

After the resignations of both the alderman-at-large and 5th ward alderman early last week, the mayor put out a request for interested parties to contact her office to schedule an interview.  Fourteen people inquired, and twelve were formally interviewed, on Monday, January 16th, by Mayor Roman.  Those interviewed were City residents, registered as republicans, democrats, conservatives, non-registered, and no other party affiliations.  The prospective candidates ranged from business owners, musicians, nurses, educators, previous council members, and previous school board members. Further, some of the candidates have lived here all of their lives, and some have recently joined the community within the last few years.  They all had a common goal to be a voice for their community.  Each person was asked the same questions and given equal opportunity with the mayor.  The mayor stated, “I appreciate the number of people who were willing to serve our community in this time of need.”  She also commented that “each of the applicants had something positive to bring to the table and I hope those that were not selected do not let this deter them from future service, or from participating in our community in other capacities.” 

After careful consideration, the mayor has selected Lisa Swanson-Gellerson, a life-long resident and longtime teacher with the Lockport City School District, to represent the City for the At-Large council position.  Lisa has a long history of working in our community through volunteer work, as a health teacher at Aaron Mossell Middle School, and as a wife, daughter, and mother.  Lisa’s experiences and love and dedication to the City of Lockport will be an asset as she serves the rest of the year on the common council.   Lisa has been a community activist with serving on the Citizens Advisory Committee, an ambassador to the LCSD My Brother’s Keeper program, Girls on the Run, GREAT, and more.  All of this experience will allow her to meet the needs of her constituents across the City. The mayor stated, “Lisa’s involvement with the volunteer organizations and school district has allowed her to see the needs of her students and their families, which are the needs of many in our community.  Lisa’s compassion for the seniors, youth, and all ages in between, will be an asset when she is advocating for them while serving on the council.”  

Although the pool for the Fifth Ward was not as extensive as for the At-Large position, all of the candidates were dedicated to our community and took the interview process seriously.  The mayor has selected Margaret Lupo to complete the term for the Fifth Ward Alderwoman.  Maggie is a life-long resident, active community member, and a veteran to civic duty, with nine years of experience serving on the Lockport City School District Board of Education.  Maggie has continuously volunteered in the community through organizations like the Lockport Memorial Hospital, Kenan Center, My Brother’s Keeper Outreach, the Niagara County Historical Society, and more. The mayor stated: “Maggie’s experience on the school board will serve her well when understanding how the common council works for policy making, budgeting, and listening to her constituents and advocating for their needs.” 

Mayor’s statement: “I appreciate all of the people who have shown an interest in serving our community.  I believe that both Lisa and Maggie will be assets to our City as we move forward with a functioning common council.”