City of Lockport Adopts Complete Streets Policy To Establish Safe and Accessible Streets

The City of Lockport officially adopted a complete streets policy recognizing that there are a growing percentage of residents that want livable communities where they can commute to work, socialize and recreate by foot and bicycle.

“This policy will ensure that every public works project considers the needs of all transportation users and users of all abilities,” said Mayor Anne McCaffrey. “Promoting inclusive designs that improve bicycle and pedestrian friendliness encourages mixed-use development and will contribute to the revitalization of our city neighborhoods.”

The policy establishes an advisory board to review public works projects, aggregate data, research policies and best practices, and make recommendations to the city to improve streetscaping that supports safe pedestrian and bicycle access.

“Lockport has unique opportunities to enhance economic development and resident’s quality of life by improving pedestrian and bicycle access, especially with the Erie Canalway Trail bisecting the city and our central business district,” said Brian Smith, Director of Planning and Development.

Through a New York State Department of Health grant in collaboration with the Population Health Collaborative, GObike Buffalo has supported the city’s desire to develop and implement complete streets. “Across Western New York city leaders have seen a significant return on investment through investment in complete streets,” said Justin Booth, executive director of GObike Buffalo. “These quality of life amenities support community health, improved environmental health, and spur economic vibrancy.”

Ultimately, implementation of this policy will create a comprehensive, integrated and connected transportation network for the City of Lockport that balances access, mobility, health and safety needs for all residents.