City of Lockport Public Meetings – Week of August 17 – 22

Below is detailed listing of the City of Lockport public meets for this week, Aug. 17- 22.

We continue to hold Council meetings virtually, as it is difficult to allow for social distancing, and to conduct large public gatherings. We have Committee of the Whole work sessions (without public input) at 5pm on Wednesdays. We have Common Council Meetings on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 5:30pm. All public hearings occur at the beginning of the council meetings at 5:30pm.

Public access to the meetings is available live on LCTV channel 1303, live streaming on for those without cable, and on the radio at 90.9 FM for those without cable or internet access. Our city hall council chambers only allow for 10 seats and 3 standing room spots with social distancing. We would have to keep the public outside of chambers, where they wouldn’t be able to hear the discussion, before entering to speak about their issues and concerns. Additionally, our municipal building doesn’t allow for open windows for better ventilation. We are changing the filters regularly, but are limiting the number of people gathered in any one area. After careful consideration and debate, it was decided the safest course of action was to allow the public to view or listen to the meeting and call in their comments or email them.

Our community input meetings for police policy review will be held outdoors at various neighborhood parks to keep the numbers under 50 and allow for social distancing with good ventilation.

Tuesday, Aug.18 at 6:30pm
A public meeting at Rogers Park to discuss the police policies and how we can work together.

Wednesday, Aug. 19 at 5:30pm
The Common Council on LCTV channel 1303, live stream, or on radio 90.9 FM. You can call in for public comments to LCTV at (716)434-1733 or you can email the city clerk by Wednesday at 3pm to have your comments read for the record: There will be five (5) virtual Public Hearings:
1. re: Hotel Occupancy Tax- this is to correct the last tax law to
5% administrative fee (it is currently misstated at 4%)

2. re: Special Use Permit for Dr. Beney to move his medical
facilities to 1149 Lincoln Ave, Lockport. It is
currently a B-1 zone, which doesn’t allow for medical

3. re: Amendment to Comprehensive Plan-after careful
review of the Reserved Areas (RA zones) throughout the
city, the planning board has recommended two main
changes to reserved areas:
a. include arenas for sports and community events (the
Kenan Center can maintain its current arena or upgrade
it in the future without a special use permit)
b. include concessions that are related to the activities in
the reserved area. (i.e., the Kayak rentals wouldn’t need a
special use permit, the stone shelter concessions stand
can function without a special use permit, etc..)

4. re: Amendment to Zoning Code update the current zoning
law for reserved areas based on the planning board’s

5. re: Cazenovia Recovery Systems (CRS) application for
rezoning the Reserved Area on Davison Rd to R-3.

Thursday, Aug. 20 at 6:30pm
Police policy review committee sponsored public input meeting at Grossi Park.

Saturday, Aug. 22 at 11:00am
Police policy review committee public input meeting held at Dolan Park