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City of Lockport Publishes FY 2024 Mayor’s Recommended Budget

LOCKPORT, NY – October 4, 2023 – The City of Lockport is pleased to announce that the Fiscal Year 2024 Mayor’s Recommended Budget is now available to the public. This comprehensive budget proposal outlines the financial plan for the upcoming fiscal year and is a crucial document for guiding the city’s financial priorities.


The FY 2024 Mayor’s Recommended Budget can be accessed online through the Finance Department’s official webpage. Interested parties, including residents, businesses, and stakeholders, can review the budget in detail by visiting the Finance Department website (


In addition to the budget document, the City of Lockport is committed to transparency and public engagement in the budgetary process. As part of our efforts to promote openness and accessibility, we are pleased to announce that the meeting schedule related to the budget review process can be found on the Open Finance Portal.


The Open Finance Portal (which can be accessed at provides a user-friendly platform for citizens to access financial data, documents, and information related to city finances. Under the “Live Finance Meetings” section of the portal, you will find details on upcoming meetings where the FY 2024 Mayor’s Recommended Budget will be discussed.