City of Lockport Update on Wind Storm and Power Outage


Mayor Anne McCaffrey
City of Lockport
716-946-2296 (Cell)
716-439-6665 (office)
March 9, 2017

City of Lockport Update on Wind Storm and Power Outage

The City of Lockport experienced a serious wind storm yesterday – March 8th. Our departments are continuing to clean up from this storm. At this time, all major streets are open. Twelve side streets continue to be closed due to downed trees or lines. These include Scovell, Irving, Caledonia, Washington, Hawley, Church, Gooding, Akron, Lincoln Drive, Beattie, Ransom and Pine.

City crews have removed 20 trees and have another 23 trees to be removed. This does not include the numerous branches that may be hanging or down. We are encouraging parents to prevent children from walking on sidewalks with downed trees or power lines as well as city parks which have fallen trees.

Some traffic signals are completely out due to the power outage or are blinking. The public is reminded that a traffic signal that is out, should be treated as a four-way stop. A blinking red light should be treated as a stop sign and a blinking yellow light should be treated as a yield or proceed with caution.

Power outages continue in the city of Lockport. NYSEG is the utility company in Lockport and they determine the order of power restoration. NYSEG crews are working throughout the city to restore power. Some city residents may be without power into tomorrow or beyond. Mayor Anne McCaffrey has a conference call with NYSEG officials at 4pm to get an update on the power outage and will share any new information with the public after the call.

Residents who are seeking a warming shelter can go to the Salvation Army, 50 Cottage Street, at the corner of Walnut Street. The Salvation Army can accommodate 100 residents during the day in the cafeteria and can accommodate 50 residents overnight, as they have 50 cots. Residents can go to the Salvation Army any time today and into the evening.