City Seeking Volunteers to Join Committees, Boards

There are several openings on boards and committees within the City of Lockport, and Mayor Michelle Roman is seeking interested candidates to join these decision-making and advisory bodies.

Openings currently exist for the following entities:

Audit Committee

Volunteers for the Audit Committee will be considered in terms of their education and/or their experience as bookkeepers, accountants or work in other financial professions.

Board of Assessment Review

Positions with the BAR are available for volunteers. These members will preside over grievance day and hear formal grievance complaints from businesses and residents of the city regarding their assessments.

Board of Ethics

A volunteer is sought for the Board of Ethics to fill a vacancy opening July 2, 2019. This board advises both city officials and employees and makes recommendations on new rules or amendments to existing city code.

Planning and Zoning Board

Openings on the Planning and Zoning Board are expected in October 2019. These members prepare, adopt and revise the city’s comprehensive plan and make recommendations regarding rezoning or amending existing zoning ordinances.

Housing Authority Board of Commissioners

The Lockport Housing Authority is an autonomous city department, and members are tasked with general supervision, control and management of the authority. This body meets on the fourth Thursday of each month at 3 p.m., and any appointee must commit to being available for meetings at this time.

City residents interested in volunteering for any opening should submit a letter of interest to the mayor’s office at One Locks Plaza, Lockport, NY 14094 by June 9, 2019, and include any background information relevant to fulfilling the position. Submissions should also include full contact information, including first name, middle initial and last name, as well as full address, phone number and email address.

For questions about the submission process or more information on any opening, call the mayor’s secretary, Molly Lawson, at 716.439.6665. Additional information about the various committees and boards is also available on the city website.