Council Approves Overnight Parking

By Alderman Beakman: 

Whereas, §183-23 of the Lockport Municipal Code bans overnight parking on city  streets between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. unless the vehicle owner has received a  special parking permit from the City; and 

Whereas, the restriction on parking has caused many residents hardship while  being of minimal benefit during the warmer months when snow plows do not present a  specific need for the good of the City; and 

Whereas, the Traffic Advisory Committee has studied the issue and recommends  that the Common Council consider a modification to the ban on overnight parking on a  trial basis; now, therefore, be it 

Resolved, that a moratorium shall be placed on enforcement of City Ordinance  §183-23 for a period commencing immediately and ending on November 1, 2022,  subject to the following restrictions: 

  1. Only 2-axle passenger vehicles and motorcycles, properly registered and insured, may  remain on a city street overnight during the period in question. 
  2. The Highways and Parks Department shall have the ability to designate certain streets for  no parking during periods of street cleaning and/or paving, by notices posted in advance. III. The ban on overnight parking within the city limits will remain in effect for the following  streets and thoroughfares: 
  3. Main Street/East Avenue from Transit to Washburn Street 
  4. Walnut Street from Transit to Washburn Street. 
  5. West Genesee Street and West Avenue from the city line to Transit 
  6. The restrictions on parking for buses and delivery vehicles set forth in §183-23(D) shall  remain in full force and effect during the period covered by the moratorium. 

Seconded by Alderman Devine and adopted. Ayes