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Daily Leaf Collection Update

The City of Lockport is currently conducting its fall leaf pickup. This post will be updated daily with the latest information on crew operations and schedules.

Residents are urged to get as many of their leaves raked into the street as soon as possible, and to place them 6-8 inches off the curb to assist crews in the pickup.

Monday, Dec. 7

The leaf crew is on its third and final pass around the city. Streets are being done on an as-needed basis, so they will move pretty quickly as they continue around the city in a counterclockwise rotation. Any new leaf piles may not get picked up if they aren’t already out, so residents are urged to dispose of them in their garbage or compost them. A reminder that there is no spring leaf pickup. Thanks to all the residents who raked their leaves out early and placed them 6-8 inches off the curb.

Friday, Dec. 4

Today the  city leaf crew will be starting on Church St. and will move through the north end. The crew then begins picking up on all streets south of West Ave from the city line to Transit Street. Next up: the streets between State Road and S. Transit.

Thursday, Dec. 3

The city leaf crew starts work on Irving Street today, and will head west along East Avenue, picking up the streets north to the escarpment. Then they’ll sweep through Lowertown, and onward through the north end. Leaf reports will continue until the crew makes it back to Pine Street, most likely by Monday or Tuesday (Dec. 7 or Dec. 8).

Wednesday, Dec. 2

The crew will be starting at Washburn and Oliver streets, proceeding north and east along the south side of Walnut, doing all streets south of Walnut to Elmwood. At Davison, they will turn around and head west on Walnut (north side), doing all streets north to East Avenue. Next up will be the south side of East Avenue, heading east to Davison. The crew will then make a U-turn and head west on East Avenue to pick up the streets to the north.

Tuesday, Dec. 1

Today the city leaf crew is picking up Willow (east of Roosevelt), O’Brien, Independence, Continental, McIntosh, Briarwood and Akron. The crew then heads north on Davison to High, Lexington, Park Lane Circle, East Park Drive, Hyde Park, Cherry, Erie, Washburn and the south side of High Street. They will continue moving counterclockwise around the city.

Monday, Nov. 30

The city leaf crew will be doing Grant, Regent, Morrow and the brick section of Willow Street this morning. They will then move on to streets bordered by Lincoln, High, Beattie and Roosevelt. Once that area is complete, crews will move on to Roosevelt and all streets east to Davison, south to Lincoln and north to Akron.

Wednesday, Nov. 25

The city leaf crew has begun its second full sweep of the city, so any residents who have not yet raked their leaves into the street should do so soon! Today, the crew will focus on the rectangle of Pine Street east to Locust Street, and Lincoln Avenue north to Walnut Street. On Friday, Nov. 27, the streets crew will continue leaf pickup heading east including Lincoln to Beattie, south to Harding, and north to Walnut.

Tuesday, Nov. 24

The city leaf crew today will tackle all the streets between Lincoln and South Transit, heading north all the way to Genesee Street. Streets affected include Hamilton, Jefferson, Gaffney, Saxton, Harvey, Cottage, John and others. After this, the crew expects to pick up leaves on Pine Street between Walnut and Lincoln.

Monday, Nov. 23

Today the city leaf crew will be working in the west end. Streets set for pickup include Park Avenue and West Avenue, as well as Crosby, Bright, King, Ohio, South New York, Bristol, Bacon, Webb and Prospect. When the west end is completed, leaf crews will be heading toward all streets on the west side of South Transit.

Friday, Nov. 20

The leaf crew begins this Friday, Nov. 20 on Allen Street and will move west, doing the south side of Grand and all streets north to Hill and Outwater, and to the west to Prospect.

At Prospect, the crew will cover the south side of Grand to Gooding to Caledonia (north side) and then proceed west, doing all streets north of Caledonia and west of Gooding. The crew expects to reach Caledonia Street today.

Crews will continue on to Ontario, Niagara, Park and West Avenue, with leaf pickup resuming on Saturday, Nov. 21.

Thursday, Nov. 19

City of Lockport leaf crews will be working along Clinton and streets north today. As they move west, they’ll head up hill doing Water, Jackson, Scovell, lower Monroe and William. Leaf pickup will then continue to Gooding and streets to the west.

Wednesday, Nov. 18

With a dusting of snow on top, leaf pickup continues in the city on Wednesday, Nov. 18, as crews move along the north side of East Avenue from Vine Street heading west. Crews will then sweep through Lowertown today, and could reach the North End of the city later this afternoon.

Tuesday, Nov. 17

Leaf pickup in the city on Tuesday, Nov. 17 will proceed along the north side of East Avenue from Davison Road heading west. Crews will collect leaves on the streets north of East Avenue, including Lakeview Parkway, Woodlawn, Grove, Beverly, Irving, etc. When the crews reach Washburn Street, they will then start in Lowertown on Van Buren, then Clinton and everything north.

Monday, Nov. 16

City leaf crews began the morning on Harrison Avenue and are heading west, working on the streets between East Avenue and Walnut. When they reach Washburn Street, they will head to East Avenue and work on all the streets north toward the escarpment, for example, Chestnut, Union, Ann, McCollum, Spring, Chapel, Adam, etc.

Friday, Nov. 13

This morning, crews started on Erie Street, moving west and reaching all east to west streets between Washburn and Erie. They then proceeded east and did all streets between Walnut and Elmwood all the way to Davison. Crews are now on the north side of Walnut at Davison to East Avenue and working on everything in between, and as of this update are pushing up on Harrison Avenue.

Thursday, Nov. 12

On Tuesday, the crew made it as far as one side of Erie Street (High Street to Elmwood). Today they will finish Erie and continue west along High Street and streets north to Walnut, all the way to Pine Street. Next would be to finish streets from Elmwood to Walnut all the way to Davison. Walnut most likely won’t be done until Monday.

Tuesday, Nov. 10

Leaf pick up in the City of Lockport continues today, as crews finish on Akron, then move on to High Street and head west. Next up are Park Lane Circle and East Park Drive, then on to Hyde Park, Cherry Street and Erie Street.

Monday, Nov. 9

City leaf crews today are working in the area of Briarwood, McIntosh, Jesson and the north side of Willow from Briarwood to Beattie. They will continue on Beattie from Willow north to High, down to Akron, Roosevelt to Willow, and the rest of Akron. Next up will be Park Lane Circle, Hyde Park, Cherry Street and more, moving toward Pine Street.

Friday, Nov. 6

Fall leaf pickup continues Friday, Nov. 6 on Alanview Drive, Georgia Avenue and Beattie Avenue. City crews will then focus efforts on the following streets: the east end of Willow, along with McIntosh Drive, O’Brien Drive and Jesson Parkway. Please take advantage of the good weather to get your leaves raked into the street. The Highways and Parks Department appreciates your cooperation.

Thursday, Nov. 5

City of Lockport leaf crews are finishing up around Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Virginia. The next streets include Eisenhower, Hoover, Nixon, Roosevelt and Lindhurst. From there, crews will cover the east end of Willow, plus McIntosh, O’Brien, Jesson, etc.

Wednesday, Nov. 4

The City of Lockport’s Highways and Parks crews continue fall leaf pickup on Wednesday, Nov. 4 in the vicinity of Willow and Locust streets. Crews are working in a counterclockwise direction, heading toward Erie Street and Beattie Avenue. Crews anticipate reaching the area of Vermont Street, Georgia Avenue and Carolina Avene by Thursday.