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High Street Sewer Separation Project – Update No. 1

We are excited to inform you that construction will soon begin on the High Street Sewer Separation Project!

As you may be aware, due to flooding that occurred in the area in 2013, the City of Lockport recently was awarded a grant of $1.5 million to mitigate the flooding problem. High Street, like most streets in the city, is served by a combined sewer system. This means that the sanitary lateral from your home is connected to the same pipe in the road as the storm drains from the road. The combination of household sanitary water and runoff are piped to the city wastewater treatment plant where it is processed. During rain events, large volumes of water are collected on High Street by the storm drains and directed to the combined sewer. Depending on the intensity of the storm, the combined sewer pipe can become overwhelmed causing sewer backups.

The city recently took bids and awarded a contract to Accadia Site Contracting, Inc. for construction of the High Street Sewer Separation Project. The intent of this project is to install a new storm water only sewer along the north side of High Street from Locust Street to State Road where the storm water will be discharged via an existing outfall to the Erie Canal. All new storm water catch basins will be installed on both the north and south sides of High Street which will direct the water to the new storm sewer. The existing combined sewer will remain in High Street to service your home lateral, however storm water collected on High Street will no longer be directed to that sewer. The project will also include repaving High Street once the new sewer has been constructed. Based upon the availability of funds, it is intended to install curbs on both the north and south side of High Street from Transit to Locust Street.

Construction is anticipated to begin July 2, 2018. We will soon have a detailed schedule from the contractor to share with you along with contact information should you have any questions or issues during the construction period.

This is a significant construction project and we appreciate your understanding and patience during the construction period. It is likely portions of High Street will be closed to “local traffic only” as the construction progresses. The construction will generally consist of excavation of a trench along the curb line on the north side of High Street to install the new storm sewer pipe. Excavations will also be required to install the new catch basins on both sides of the road as well as trenches to install pipes from the catch basins to the new storm sewer. During working hours, you can expect to be inconvenienced by large construction equipment when the contractor is working in your area. At the end of each work day the contractor will protect or cover any excavations remaining open. Grass areas at the curb line will be damaged as a result on installing new curbs. The contractor will be required to restore these areas.

Unfortunately, due to the age of the infrastructure on High Street, locations of existing utilities are not all precisely known. It is likely that during construction, some home water services and sewer laterals may be damaged if their location has not been properly documented on past record drawings.

If you notice any change in your water or sewer service during construction, please contact Bradley L. Sendlak, Project Engineer with Nussbaumer & Clarke, Inc., Engineers and Surveyors, at 716.827.8000 x404 immediately so that the situation can be investigated.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during this process.

Click here to view a map of the project.