Mayor Wohleben Appoints Replacement Common Council President

From Mayor David R. Wohleben:

In accordance with Section 57 of the City of Lockport Charter and as one of my first official duties as mayor for the City of Lockport, I hereby appoint 5th Ward Alderman Richard Abbott as President of the Common Council.

My decision to cross party lines and appoint Alderman Abbott as council president is based upon his length of service on the Common Council and his record of placing the city’s best interest ahead of voting along party lines.

I believe Richard truly cares about our great city because he approaches each issue with great consideration and passion.

I look forward to working with Alderman Abbott in his new role as council president.

Abbott is a lifelong resident of Lockport, attending parochial schools and graduating from DeSales Catholic High. He is a graduate of SUNY at Cortland with a BSE in health education.

His work experience consists of four years at the City of Lockport Streets Department, seven years at the Niagara County Health Department, seven years at the New York State Health Department and 17 years at New York State OPWDD, retiring in 2007. Currently, he is employed with People Inc.

In 2016, Abbott was elected as the Democratic alderman for the 5th Ward, and is currently serving his second term of office. Since becoming an alderman, Abbott has served on the Police Board and Fire Board; chairman of the Personnel Committee; co-chairman of the Tree Committee and the Veterans Committee; and a member of the Youth Committee. He has been a co-coordinator of the City Community Pride Program and has participated in the planning of numerous city events.

Alderman Abbott has four children – three who live and work in the city and the other in the Town of Lockport.