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Sponsor A Hero

The City of Lockport’s Events Planning Committee is sponsoring a new Hometown Heroes Banner Program. The banner program proudly recognizes active duty and veteran servicepersons, both living and deceased. Each banner will honor a specific Niagara County serviceperson and will include his or her name, branch of service and photo. Banners will also include the sponsor’s company name. Banners will be displayed on street lamps in Downtown Lockport along Main Street and East Avenue from Transit to Washburn and Canal Street from mid-May until mid-November.

Support a Hero BannerTo qualify, honorees must meet the following requirements

1. One or more of the following:

A) A current county resident;
B) Born in Niagara County; and/or
C) Graduated from one of Niagara County’s school districts, and

2. Serving on Active Duty in the United States Armed Forces, National Guard or Reserves, OR a military veteran (living or deceased) who has served in the United States Armed Forces, National Guard or Reserves who has been honorably discharged.

Banners may be sponsored by individuals or organizations at a cost of $300.00 per banner.

If you would like to sponsor a banner but don’t know a serviceperson who meets the stated requirements, we can help you identify an eligible honoree. There are a limited number of locations, and all sponsorships will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis.

For your financial support, you will receive the following benefits per banner:

• Production of one (1) 24”x 48” double-sided digital custom vinyl banner
• Highly visible banner placement along the selected route
• An 8” x 10” image of your sponsored banner and honoree, suitable for framing
• At the completion of 2018 program, your banner will be permanently removed and presented to you a closing reception

Downtown Lockport is becoming a prime regional destination for dining, shopping, entertainment events and business. These banners will be located in the heart of downtown and will be seen by countless workers, residents, visitors and investors.

Please consider supporting the 2010 Hometown Heroes Banner Program. Banner sponsorship forms and additional information is included on the form below, an applications, payment and high-resolution images are due by April 19, 2019. To learn more, call Dave Wohleben at 716.471.4394.